So, you’ve written a book. Now what? At Word Alive Press, we understand that publishing can seem like an enormous task. That’s why our team is dedicated to walking you through each step of the process. From polishing your manuscript, to creating a dynamic cover design, to planning out the ideal marketing strategy, our team will provide you with expert advice along the way.

Step 1. First Steps...


Contact Us

Timeframe: It’s completely up to you, the author!
Now that you’ve found us online, we hope you can learn a lot from our website. Once you’ve gathered enough information, we’d love to talk with you and get to know you! Please call one of our friendly and experienced Publishing Consultants today at 1-866-967-3782, or connect with us through our online form. Our office is open from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. (CST) Monday–Friday. We would love to speak with you and learn more about the project you’re working on and your publishing goals. We are happy to answer all your questions and provide you with any additional information that will help to inform you of the publishing process with Word Alive Press. Take this first step towards getting your book published!

Quoting Your Project

Timeframe: Three to five days from the time we receive the manuscript.
Now that we know you and have communicated with you, we want to provide you with the most thorough and detailed pricing information we can!

There are three components to the total cost of publishing: your selected publishing program, editing (which is optional with some programs,) and printing. We understand how vital it is for you to see all of the costs involved in publishing before getting started, and we would be happy to provide you with a personalized quote. To request a complete cost breakdown please upload your manuscript or call us today!

Make It Official

Timeframe: One day.
Now that all of your questions have been answered and you are clear on all of the costs involved, you’re ready to take the next step. In order to officially begin publishing your book, we’ll need you to sign and send the publishing agreement to us. We are ready to get started on this exciting journey together! Now is the time to send your signed editing quote as well. Once these two documents are received, we are on our way to seeing your publishing dreams become a reality!

These documents should be sent by email or fax to your Publishing Consultant. If you are not able to send the contract electronically, please mail these documents. The following is our fax number and mailing address:

Fax: 1-800-352-9272
Mail: 119 De Baets Steet, Winnipeg, MB, Canada R2J 3R9

Step 2. Your Publishing Journey Begins!


We’re excited to show you a little bit of what your publishing journey will look like! Please note that while each section notes a rough timeline, some parts of the process happen simultaneously. Overall, the publishing process takes approximately three to four months, and each step is orchestrated by one of our expert Project Managers. That said, each project is unique, so please feel free to contact us regarding the customized timeline for your book.

Let’s Get Started!

Timeframe: One to two days.
Now that you’ve completed the paperwork and made it official, we can get started. A paid invoice record will be sent to you by a Project Manager showing that payment has been received. We’ll also send you a copy of the publishing agreement (including our signature) for your records. Then you will receive a special document called the “Word Alive Press Blueprint”. This will explain our process in more detail. It also outlines the expectations and timelines for when we will need to receive specific information from you. The journey has now begun and we are excited to walk through it with you!


Timeframe: Two to eight weeks, depending on your choice of editing package.
When the publishing process begins, so does editing. If you have signed an editing quote and decided to edit with one of our experienced and professional editors, this will begin right away! Make sure you have provided your Project Manager with the most recent and final version of your manuscript. We’ll assign you to an editor who will then read through and edit your file. Once the editor is done, he/she will send the file to you for review. Two versions of the manuscript will be sent, one showing all of the suggested changes, as well as a clean copy without any markings. As the author, you will then have the opportunity to review the edits. You have the final say on which edits are accepted. The editor will then incorporate your revisions and send the file back for a final review, or continue on with another pass of editing, if you have selected multiple passes.

Cover Design

Timeframe: Two to three weeks.
Not only is cover design exciting, but it’s critical to the successful marketing of your book! You will work with a team of professionals who are experienced in creating marketable and attractive covers with your ideas in mind.

Interior Layout

Timeframe: Two to three weeks. (Will take longer if there are many changes to be made.)
Once editing is complete, our typesetters will take over to design and create the interior layout for your book. This is when you’ll start to see what your manuscript will look like as a book. You’ll work with your Project Manager to finalize and approve the interior of your book.

Full Cover Layout

Timeframe: Two weeks. (Will take longer if there are many changes to be made.)
Once the interior of your book is approved, we will have your final page count. Although we created your front cover design at the beginning of the process, we aren’t able to create the full cover layout (including spine and back cover) until the interior layout is finalized, since we need the final page count. Now that we have this, our design team will put together your full cover layout. You’ll receive this from your Project Manager, who will work with you to finalize the layout and get ready to go to print with your book!

Author Copy

Timeframe: Two weeks.
The end is in sight! Now that you’ve signed off on your interior and full cover design, it’s almost time to hold your book in your hands! The author copy is a very special keepsake, since it’s the first printed copy of your book. In addition to having sentimental value, this will be your very last chance to make changes before we go to print with your full print run.

Print Run

Timeframe: Four to six weeks.
You’ve reviewed your author copy of the book and approved it with your Project Manager, and now it’s time to print your books! You will receive a printing quote, which you’ll need to sign and send back to us by email or fax. Once we receive this important document, we will upload the files to our printer and the printing process can get underway! This process generally takes a few weeks (as noted above), so use this time to plan your book launch and begin to implement your marketing strategy. This is a great time to network with people and get out there to promote your book, which is about to come off the press! Ask your Project Manager for ideas on marketing your book during this time.

Step 3. Book Sales & Marketing


Marketing Materials

Timeframe: Three weeks.
Not only should you be working on the marketing and promotion of your book, but we will be too! Now that your books have gone to press, your Project Manager will start working to create your marketing materials. Depending on the publishing program you select, this may include everything from your event poster and an email announcement to custom media kits which will be sent to media outlets throughout Canada.


Soon after the books are printed, we’ll begin work on your eBooks. It will take a few weeks for the files to be created, and when they’re ready we will send them to the different eBook retailers. Once files are submitted, it can take around six weeks for the book to actually appear on the various websites.

Book Events and Sales

Although this tends to become more of a focus at the end of the publishing process, it’s important to consider a promotion plan as you move through the entire process! Now that your book has gone to press, you can really focus on planning events. There are many aspects to this part of the process, but a book launch is a great way to start. Now is the time to promote yourself and your book, organize events, present your book, and network. We want you to have success and we are looking forward to guiding you through these important steps!