All prices posted are in Canadian dollars, plus applicable taxes.

Author Support & Record

One-on-One Author Care

One of the many benefits of publishing with Word Alive Press is that you’re not alone! Throughout the process, our team will walk alongside you. You’ll be paired up with a Project Manager who will coordinate all of the components of publishing, and a Publishing Consultant who will provide support and advice. This team will provide advice, guidance, insight, and feedback on all aspects of publishing and marketing. Our priority is to make sure you are completely satisfied with the final product and that you enjoy the process from start to finish!

Custom Project Timeline

When we begin the publishing journey, we will provide you with an outline of the process and a general timeline. Please let us know if you have special requirements for when your files needs to be created, and we will work together with you to meet or exceed those deadlines when possible.

Non-Exclusive Contract

We consider it an honour to publish your work on your behalf and we believe that you should always retain the rights to your work. So, when you sign a publishing agreement with us, you are also free to use your material in other ways simultaneously. This includes posting your material online, publishing your material in another edition or language, and even publishing the same content with another publisher. Ready to review our complete Digital Publishing Agreement? Call 866-967-3782 today to speak with your Publishing Consultant, or request a copy of the contract in the notes section of our publishing information request form.

Author Retains Copyright

We are excited about your work, see its value, and don’t want to take anything away from you. Word Alive Press will place the copyright of your book in your name. At all times, you retain the rights to your manuscript.


In order for eBooks and Audio books to be sold online, an ISBN is essential. Word Alive Press will assign a unique ISBN number for your project.


When you publish with Word Alive Press, you retain all the rights to your book, and you earn a royalty too! We will take care of creating the files for your project, and making them available for sale.

Audio books are distributed through Audible and iTunes, while eBooks are available through Kindle, Kobo, Google Play, Apple iBooks and other eBook vendors. Each quarter, we will send you a royalty cheque for your earnings.

Professional File Creation

Editing Services

We know that you have a unique voice, and you want it to be heard! We understand that editing requires a very delicate touch, which is why you will maintain full creative control throughout the editing process. Our editors will correct the basics, like spelling and grammar errors, and will also delve into the manuscript for word usage, organization, and important intangibles like clarity and flow.

There is an expectation by consumers that all books be edited by a professional, and we know why. Editing can make your manuscript shine, giving it that extra bit of attention that can turn it from good to great! We think you’ll love this process, so don’t wait. Submit your manuscript today for a free sample of our work and a quote for editing.

Custom Cover Design

We understand the importance of a great and marketable cover, and we want to make sure you receive exactly that! Let our experienced and professional design and marketing team work with you to create a cover that will stand out online! Our Publishing Consultant will work closely with you to hone your ideas, and our design team will make them a reality.

Interior Layout & Design

The interior layout and design of your eBook is essential in lending credibility to both you as the author and the professionalism of your project. Rather than leaving it all up to you, we work with talented and creative typesetters to present to you an interior that sets your book apart! Once your cover has been established, one of our typesetters will create the interior design and layout for you. The interior will be styled to reflect the thoughtfulness of the cover and provide a professional and cohesive look.

Interior Images

We know that many books need that final piece of the puzzle: photos. We will include up to ten images for you at no charge, and provide you with several options for their placement. Captions may also be included. If you would like to insert additional images, a small fee of $10.00/image will be charged. Do you need a chart or graph to be created to help convey a concept in your book? Talk to your Publishing Consultant for a customized quote.

eBook Sales & Distribution

Adobe eBook

One of many eBook formats out there, Adobe eBooks are PDF files complete with a live table of contents. This versatile eBook format is not specific to any device, so anyone can download it! Adobe eBooks may also be read on a tablet, computer or smartphone.

Kindle eBook

Amazon’s version of an eBook reader is the Kindle, one of the most popular reading devices available.

Kobo eBook

Kobo is the eReader affiliated with Rakuten Kobo Inc. This device reads titles in EPUB format and is available for purchase in Chapters and Indigo bookstores across the country. Kobo has also recently purchased Sony, and will provide files compatible with the Sony eReader as well.

Apple eBook for iPad & iPhone

The Apple iPad is a huge player in the market today! Customers can purchase your book through the iBookstore, which automatically connects to any iPhone or iPad for easy download.

Google Play

Google Play is a versatile eBook vendor that offers access to the increasingly popular Android phones, as well as other devices. One benefit is added control over sales events for your readership.

Marketing Services

Promotional Package

Printed postcards, bookmarks and business cards are a great way to spread the news about your book! These pieces are great to hand out to people that do not have a Smartphone or tablet with them, so they walk away with information on where to purchase your eBook or audio book. They can also be mailed out to a list of contacts, or stuffed into your church bulletin or attendee bags at a conference. Our marketing bundle contains a perfect collection of must-have advertising pieces:

  • Postcards: Let us create a special advertising piece to promote your project. We will design a 4″ × 6″ piece that lets people know a little bit about the book, where they can purchase a copy.
  • Bookmarks: Another way of letting people know where to find your book is a bookmark. Not only is this a great marketing tool, but it continues the theme of literature and reading.
  • Business Cards: Use these custom cards to improve your credibility and professionalism as an author. This will also be helpful as you network with other authors and individuals. It’s important to promote yourself and your book, so let us work with you to create an effective design.

    You will receive 500 copies of each of the above items. All pieces will be printed with full colour on one side and greyscale (black & white) ink on the other side.

Graf-Martin Communications PR Services

Now that you’re published, you want people to read your book—we can help make that happen!

We’re teaming up with Graf-Martin, a company that has had the opportunity to work with NY Times and Globe & Mail bestselling authors. We believe all authors should have access to that level of PR services!

The Graf-Martin Communications team of publishing industry marketing experts will use their proven experience to help build the integrated marketing and publicity plan you need for your book to succeed.

Additional VIP Services available ‘a la carte’ to authors who purchase any of the Graf-Martin Communications services.

Online Platform Boost

Online Platform Builder:

  • Option A: Not online yet? No problem!
    We will connect you with Graf-Martin’s experienced team, to take a close look at your book, your message, and where your time & energy is best spent online. They will provide you with a fully personalized social media plan outlining best practices, where you need to be, and give you tips to get started right away!


  • Option B: Need a sharper image?
    Graf-Martin’s social media expert will examine your online platforms (blog, website, social media etc.) to make sure that your readers can easily find you and your book. They will provide a written audit report with measureable changes for immediate action, and help you make a clear plan with achievable steps to grow your platform, online.

You choice of either A or B above, plus:

  • Online brand coaching (Ask the Expert):
    * A 1-hour one-on-one, personalized coaching session with Graf-Martin’s in-house social media leader who has developed and implemented social media plans for internationally best-selling authors, brands and organizations. *Session will take place via Skype or phone.
    * An opportunity to review your brand audit. Graf-Martin will answer your pressing questions, give you tips and tricks, and walk you through next steps to make your book stand out online!

  • Blog Booster Kit (eBook) and social media content calendar templates:
    We get you into Graf-Martin’s vault & provide you with the tools they have curated for their top-level clients! These tools will kick-start or fine-tune your blog, ensure your content resonates, and help create a loyal online following of readers.

Traditional Media Outreach

  • Custom press release creation (up to 400 words)
    Graf-Martin will take all they’ve learned over a decade of reaching Canadian media outlets, and apply it to creating a highly effective media release! They will review your book, ask you a series of questions to truly understand your book and your story, and craft a release that connects with the media! Our publicists have launched national campaigns for hundreds of authors such as Max Lucado, Dr. Gary Chapman, Dr. Kevin Leman and Karen Kingsbury – and now they’re lending that experience to you!

  • Distribution
    We’ll connect you with Graf-Martin’s market recognition and reputation, distributing your release a carefully cultivated list of over 200 Christian media outlets & journalists across Canada.

VIP Accelerated Growth

This package is specially designed for authors who want it all! For $1099, you receive all of the services in both the Online Platform Boost and Traditional Media Outreach, plus:

  • One-on-one PR coaching: Wondering how to handle an interview? You’ll get an exclusive, personalized, one-on-one, “get interview- ready” coaching session with Graf-Martin’s 
publicity expert on how to secure and ace your interviews. *This will be via Skype or phone call.

  • Bonus! You’ll be given Graf-Martin’s exclusive Interview Tips and Tricks eBook, which will allow you to draw on our years of expertise and apply it to your upcoming interviews.

    Additional VIP Services available ‘a la carte’ to authors who purchase any of the Graf-Martin Communications services.

Digital_service_table Basic eBook Complete eBook Audio Book Ultimate Digital
Price $399 $699 $699 $999
Author Support & Record
One-on-One Author Care
Custom Project Timeline
Non-Exclusive Contract
Author Retains Copyright
Royalty 50% 50% 50% 50%
Professional File Creation
Editing Services Quote Quote Quote Quote
Custom Cover Design
Interior Layout & Design N/A
Interior Images N/A
eBook Sales & Distribution
Adobe eBook N/A
Kindle eBook N/A
Kobo eBook N/A
Apple eBook for iPad & iPhone N/A
Google Play N/A
Marketing Services
Promotional Package $375 $375 $375 $375
Graf-Martin Communications PR Services
Online Platform Boost $499 $499 $499 $499
Traditional Media Outreach $599 $599 $599 $599
VIP Accelerated Growth $1099 $1099 $1099 $1099