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June 9, 2021 by Word Alive Press

Whether you are just starting to write your manuscript, or if you recently received feedback from us, this post is a helpful summary of many of our most-referenced blogs. When we receive and evaluate a manuscript, we have set criteria that we carefully consider. Below you will find a corresponding blog (or two, or three) that further unpacks each topic. Please click on the link to be redirected to each post.

Our hope is that this handy collection will provide you with the insight you need to further strengthen your writing, for any current writing manuscript and beyond.

Both Fiction and Non-Fiction

Care and Research
The Hook
Articulation and Focus of Idea
Author Voice


And, specifically for novels, we also look at:


  • Part One
  • Part Two
  • How to Conceive a Great Character
  • How to Motivate a Great Character

    Our hope is that you will find these resources helpful as you continue to hone your craft. But if your learning style is not geared towards gleaning knowledge from reading articles, we have several services that provide practical support beyond our regular copy-editing.

    If you’ve written yourself into a corner or are otherwise stuck, a one-hour phone/video consultation with a professional editor is bound to be helpful. Or, perhaps you would like someone to walk you through your first draft (or second, or twenty-second)? If so, you would be a great candidate for our Spark Mentorship Program. (Read one writer’s experience with this program here.) Looking for a big-picture critique of everything you’re doing right (and wrong)? Developmental editing might be perfect for you.

    Writing can be a lonely endeavour, and that is the case now more than ever. We have a great team of editors that would love to work with you to help you strengthen your writing muscles and make your manuscript the very best it can be. Contact us today to learn more!

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