2016 Women’s Journey of Faith Winners

September 6, 2016 by Word Alive Press

After weeks of reviewing manuscripts, debating, discussing, reading and re-reading, we are now thrilled to present our shortlist and winning manuscript for the 2016 Women’s Journey of Faith Publishing Contest.

However before we do, we would like to thank each and every woman who participated in this year’s contest! We were inspired by your faith, ideas, and your stories, and we greatly appreciated your patience as we worked towards establishing our winner. Thank you for blessing us with your manuscripts! And now, without further ado…

2016 Women’s Journey of Faith Honourable Mentions

Do You Get It, by Lin-Pei de Souza
Walking Without Him, by Roseane Parent
Manna Day by Day, by Amy James
The Reluctant Journey, by Shelly VanBinsbergen
My Tapestry, by Annette Westra

2016 Women’s Journey of Faith Shortlist

Becoming His Story, by Mary-Elsie Wolfe:

Becoming His Story is about inspiring women to take on leadership roles by learning from Jesus; living like Jesus; and leading like Jesus. The life stories she shares allow the reader to see life unfolding in step with a God who cares, through the struggle and triumph in this journey of leadership.

Freedom, by Collette Wiebe:

Freedom is a book about difficulties and challenges the author has had to face over the past decade and how the Lord has helped her through an eating disorder. This book is a testament of how Jesus Christ showed up in a time of need, setting the author free from a life focused on body image, giving hope to anyone finding themselves in a dark place.

Whole: Hope for the Broken Pastor’s Wife, by Jennifer Willcock

Whole: Hope for the Broken Pastor’s Wife is a book for pastors’ wives and women in ministry leadership, who struggle with their roles, their families, and ministry. Whole is a raw testimony of life in the church, and offers hope and encouragement to women that have a similar role.

Fearless in 21 Days, by Sarah Ball

Fearless in 21 Days is a testimony of hope for those bound with crippling fear, anxiety, panic disorders and depression. It is a 21 day guide to healing, through mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual applications and scripture.

2016 Women’s Journey of Faith Winner: Stacey Weeks, Glorious Surrender

There is a peace and joy found only in a life fully surrendered to the Lord. Glorious Surrender contains tangible evidence of a life lived in surrender to God and the internal battle that comes with it.


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Women’s Journey of Faith is a non-profit, non-denominational ministry for all women.

Diane Alhonen over 6 years ago
Congratulations to the winners of this contest. YOU know it quite ironic since I have entered in this contest more than twice that the title of the contest is similar to the title of my book that I have had for over 5 and a half years. I guess I will have to enter the other contest since my title of my book in this one won't. I had worked very hard on mine with a former publisher to get it right this time. Again congratulations to the winners.
Jen Jandavs-Hedlin over 6 years ago - WAP employee
Hi Diane, Thank you again for entering the Women's Journey of Faith Publishing Contest. This contest is run in partnership with Women's Journey of Faith, a ministry that began in the fall of 2000. Any similarity between the title of your manuscript and the name of their organization would be entirely coincidental, and would not impact the evaluation process of your submission. We greatly appreciate that you entered the contest, and would be more than happy to answer any other questions you may have. Sincerely, The Word Alive Pres Team
Linda Durand over 6 years ago
Comment Removed
Diane Alhonen over 6 years ago
To the Word Alive Press I wasn't aware that there was already a name out there that was partly my name for my book it would have been nice to have known that when you decided to name this contest as that. I had been with you since 2011 but was not aware they were around at that time. It also has been a very trying time for me these passed 6 months without a vehicle to have anymore. I lost 3 loved ones and that was in June, then in July and then in August and I couldn't go to the funerals because I had no way of getting to them. So it has been a very trying over 6 months without a vehicle it would have been nice to have won this time but hopefully next time because I think my book is good enough to be a winner. I just hope the next time you have contests coming you might want to put both of them out at the same time so I have a choice instead of me already doing one contest and then getting another e-mail after from you to do the other contest when I couldn't because you can only enter one contest at a time. That is what had happened this passed contest. Anyway, thank you for the explanation on that. Sincerely, Mrs Diane Alhonen
Diane Alhonen about 6 years ago
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